FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains answers to the most often asked questions about the services of AM Service. You can help us to make it more complete by contacting us.


How old do you have to be to rent a car?
If you have the proper license, it is possible to rent a car if you are at least 23 years of age. It is also possible for persons at least 21 years old to rent a car of group B,C or K if they pay a supplemental fee of € 15,00 per day.
What type of driving license do you need to have?
It is sufficient to have a valid category B driving license which you have had for at least one year.
Is the renter obliged to inform AM Service the name of the person who will be doing the driving?
Yes. When you come to take the car you will need to show the license of the person who will be driving.
May someone other than the driver indicated to AM Service drive?
Yes, if an additional fee of € 5,00 is paid. The renter has the responsibility of informing the agency before leaving with the car the names of anyone else who may be driving the vehicle.
How much does it cost to rent a car?
The cost will vary, depending on the type of car and ancillary equipment (if any), type of insurance coverage and the duration of the rental period.
Can the final price be different from that of the initial price quote?
The initial estimated cost is for services, which by their nature may be modified; for example returning the car without replenishing the fuel, returning the car in a place other than the one from which it was rented, etc.
Is insurance coverage available?
The rental fee includes the obligatory civil responsibility insurance (R.C.A.) as well as theft and fire insurance (TP) and driver damage to the vehicle coverage (CDW).
Are there any non-waivable excesses?
Yes. Damages and theft are deducted, the amounts of which vary in relation to the leased vehicle. For those vehicles not of a special type though, it is nevertheless possible to eliminate the non-waivable excess by specifying the appropriate insurance type (Super TP, Super CDW).
Are airport duties added into the price?
In the event of rental from an agency connected to an airport, there is a added fee of 14%.
When and how is the rental fee paid?
The calculation and payment of fees incurred takes place at the end of the rental period.
Method of payment should be stipulated beforehand however. All major credit cards are accepted as well as cheques from approved banks. If the client desires to pay cash, it is necessary to leave a € 1.000,00 security deposit. For certain rental sites, and in particular during certain periods, it may be necessary to make an online credit card payment in advance.
Where is it possible to rent a car?
From any of our agencies. It is also possible (during office hours) to arrange pick up of the vehicle in an outside place by paying a € 15,00 fee (in urban areas) or a fee of € 1,00 per Km for areas outside the city. If the pick up is arranged after business hours, the fee is € 30,00.
When should the car be returned to the rental agency?
At the end of the stipulated rental period. Each day of rental is considered to be 24 hours (from the start of the vehicle pick up) with a 59 minute grace period. If the return takes place after this time, an additional day will be charged. The drop off should take place during office hours. If it takes place after hours, and additional € 30,00 will be charged.
Is it possible to extend the rental period?
Yes, but this desire must be communicated to the agency at least 24 hours before the end of the rental period to allow the insurance coverage extension to go into effect.
Must the car be returned with a full tank of fuel?
Yes, otherwise a € 15,00 refueling fee as well as the price of the fuel added will be assessed.
Where is it possible to drop off the car?
At any one of our agencies. Returning the rental to any office other than that from which it was taken incurs an additional € 50,00 fee.
It is nevertheless possible (by making arrangements with us) to return to vehicle to some other location, but a € 15,00 fee (in urban areas) or a fee of € 1,00 per Km for areas outside the city.
What must be done in the event of an accident?
Any accidents must be reported to the agency within 24 hours of occurrence.
It is necessary for the driver to fill out an accident report (C.I.D.) form to avoid paying for damages in the absence of a reponsible party.
Is it possible to have a replacement car?
The client who needs a replacement vehicle may request one from the agency. However even if one is available, the agency reserves the right to decide whether to furnish one or not.
What should be done in the event of a traffic ticket?
A traffic ticket incurred by incorrect behavior of the driver is his or her responsibility and when possible the ticket should be paid immediately, or when not possible timely communication to the agency to avoid penalties for late payment.
In the event of a request on the part of the police, the rental agency is obligated to provide the name of the driver of the rental vehicle, who will be notified concerning payment of the ticket.
What should be done if one loses the keys?
Taking care of the keys is the client’s responsibility. In case of loss or theft, the client must pay a fee of € 189,00.
What should be done if the driver loses his documents?
Taking care of the documents is the clients responsibility. In case of loss or theft, the client must pay a fee based on the group of vehicle rented.
Is it possible to use the vehicle outside of Sardinia?
Yes, but only if this fact is indicated to the agency when the vehicle is first picked up.
When will I receive the fiscal documents for the payment of the rental?
The fiscal receipt, as required for the transaction, will be provided to the client upon signature of the rental contract, and the price quote for the rental itself will be indicated. When the rental is returned, the client will be given a bill. In the event that the final price is higher than the price quote, an additional receipt for the difference in price will be given to the client.
How may I obtain a written receipt of my reservation?
When you finish the online reservation procedure, AM Service will send to you, at the e-mail address which you have indicated at the moment of registration, a reservation voucher that you can check and print.