Long Term for Businesses and Individuals

There are many reasons why it is convenient to choose a long-term rental option as an alternative to owning and financial leasing.

Long-term rental of the car, or the entire fleet of business vehicles, means optimising your business, planning and transforming variable costs at fixed costs without immobilisation of capital.

This formula also allows an average tax savings of 15% over the management of a proprietary fleet.

With AM Service, you have a consultant who thinks of your car from the beginning to the end of its life cycle, saving you time, work and capital

Long-term rental is the cheapest, most easy-to-use, and manageable car system from any point of view:


Long term: advantages from a financial viewpoint

No anticipation of capital for the purchase of it or for the advance payment of registration, billing, stamping and insurance costs.

They cut all the “hidden costs” related to the management of the company’s fleet.


Long-term: advantages from an administrative viewpoint

All administrative tasks are outsourced: AM Service will handle all aspects of car park management.


Long-term: advantages from an economical viewpoint

Rental rates are extremely competitive in respect to the purchase, maintenance and insurance of a car.

It also avoids the problem of reselling it: AM Service takes care of the retirement, resale and transfer of ownership of the vehicle.


Long-term: advantages from a tax viewpoint

Companies and freelancers who pay VAT enjoy, with this rental formula, an average tax savings of 15% over the management of company-owned fleet.

In addition, the company car can be granted to employees, business-related parties, and collaborators.

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